Also exempted from the restrictions are: The above persons are obliged to display documents & undergo laboratory medical examination. Free Wi-Fi is offered throughout. For additional information regarding the current status of flight restrictions due to Covid-19, you can call the Greek General Secretariat for Civil Protection at 0030 213 15 10 932-3, 0030 213 15 10 171, 0030 213 15 10 196 or send an email to  / Photography by Alexandros Maragos. Facilities, machinery, equipment and frequently touched surfaces in the airport areas, are cleaned and sanitized regularly with special materials. Dear friends, airline partners . Athens International Airport - COVID-19 Information. AEGEAN’s Airlines COVID-19 testing service is available at diagnostic centers and clinics of Bioiatriki in Attica, Thessaloniki and the group’s associate medical center in Heraklion, as well at centers of the Athens Medical Group in Athens International Airport and Thessaloniki Airport. Test results will be delivered to you, by email, within approximately 24 hours. ← Athens: The New Omonoia Square (Timelapse) Silence at the Airport: The Eerie Emptiness of Athens International Airport during the COVID-19 Lockdown (Photography) → Available on Apple News Tap to open on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch If you are planning on visiting Athens via the Athens International Airport, please make sure to read more detailed information on COVID-19, restrictions and measures on their official page. booking_button: '', //